About Me

Welcome to my website, my name is Thomas Te.  About seventeen years ago, I wanted to have a website so I paid someone to build me a website. I paid the guy $900 and he didn’t really do a good job for me.  From that time on, I learn to build a website from scratch.  I went to BCIT to take the course and I bought lots of technology magazines from Chapter. I learn a lot from the magazines. The more I look into the World Wide Web, the more I have the interest in.  I took this as a hobby while I was working as a bartender in River Rock Casino.  I worked as a bartender for more than ten years.  I  started on May 21, 2006, and I resigned as of March 17, 2017. Now I work as a Freelancer and building free websites for restaurants and food outlets owner.  This is my hobby and has become my full-time job.

I know a friend that run his own business (Iproperty Services) as a restaurant hood vent and duct cleaner.  I figure out a way that if I can pursue my hobby and can benefit all the restaurants and food outlets owner in BC.  By doing so, I build you (restaurants and food outlets owner) free website(s) and keep your website(s) updated on a regular basis.   In exchange, you just need to switch your kitchen hood vent and duct cleaning agent to Iproperty Services through me.

In this way, everyone is happy.  You get your free website and free regular maintenance from me and my friend gets his customers.

Me?  I like what I do.  About what do I benefit out of this?   This is between my friend and I.   As long as you get your benefits, and you do not have to pay anyone anything.  That is the whole purpose of this website.

As long as you are happy, I am happy too.


To keep our friendship the way it is, unchanged.  I will do my best to keep your website updated for free, as long as you still own your business.

For our dedicated customers only, I will build your online presence. By doing so, I will build a website directory about all the local restaurants and food outlets in British Columbia and put your website in this directory.

Call or email me and I can discuss this over with you.

Cell: (778)773-6614

Email: thomaste@buildafreewebsite.ca