Q. Do you really help us to build a free website?

A. Yes, (must be in the “Loyalty Program”).

Q. What is A “Loyalty Program”?

A. Loyalty Program is a program that was set to build up a bond between Iproperty Service and the restaurants owner (also include the food outlets owner)

Q. How is the “Loyalty Program” work?

A. The restaurants and food outlets owner get all the 3 services for free from Thomas Te if he/she switch their restaurant kitchen hood vent and duct service agent to Iproperty.

The 3 Free Services Are:

  1. Build You A Free Website
  2. Regular Update For Your Website
  3. Put Your Website On www.dinebc.ca directory

Q. I want to Get My Free Website Now, what do I have to do?

A. You can call me or text me, this is the easiest way. Or Click Here

Q. Do I really get my website update for free too?

A. Yes, I will update your website every 3 months, only by request. You need to contact to me and inform me that you want to update your website.

Q. I already have a website, what do I do?

A. You need to provide me with your website hosting information so I can transfer your website over to my hosting provider.  Click Here for more information.

Q. Still have questions?

A. Email support@buildafreewebsite.ca